Workout Routines For Toning and Firming

Workout Routines For Toning Tricep Workouts and Butt Workout routines

Understanding what workout routines for toning really are... The idea behind this toning thing is to buld fat and lose fat. Because I'm sure, and I don't mean to state the obvious, you know that you cannot tone fat.

I lose fat by burning calories during intensive cardio workouts. For a lower impact cardio burn I power walk. But, with that said, I'm going to share some workout routines that I do that help with muscle tone

Which Workout Routines For Toning Do I Prefer?

If you haven't read my Review of Donna Richardson's 3 Day Workout Routine, you may want to check it out. One of her workouts is called "Circuit Toning". This is one of those workout routines that incorporates what Donna Richardson obviously considers some of best workouts for toning and firming. Which ones work for me? There are three: (1) Squats and (2) Lunges and (3) Shoulder Presses.

While squats, lunges, and leg raises will help with your lower body, but what about a workout routines for toning your uppper body. For most the coveted six pack abs and toned arms continues to elude. But, a little diligence, committment, and the right workout routines can produce the desired results.

Workout Routines For Toning The Butt

We certainly can't talk about the lower body without discussing the butt. Of all of the workout routines for toning the butt, hips, and thighs, my favorites are squats, deadlifts, and leg lifts.

Workout Routines For Toning Flabby Arms

Let's talk about that unspeakable- arm flab. I know, that's not the politically correct term. But that's what we think of most when we reflect on the condition of the upper arm or more specifically the tricep area. When it came to toning up the arms , losing fat and burning calories played a major role for me.

The exercises that work best for me are: Kickbacks, Tricep Raises, and Side Tri-Rise. Be sure to read my tricep workout article and watch the demonstration video.

Workout Routine For Toning The Mid Section

This is the area that gives me the most trouble with firming and toning (and my hips). The thing is, it's all about losing that belly fat.

For the abs P90X Ab Ripper X

The best workout routines for toning work my core, upper and lower abdomen, as well as obliques. On lazy days, I get a good Ab workout from "Winsor Pilates Ab Sculpting". Don't get me wrong, there is nothing lazy about Winsor's Ab Sculpting. There just seems to be less movement and intensity than Ab Ripper X.

The best ab workouts for me are: Crunchy Frog, Reverse Leg Lifts, Fifer Scissors, V Sit Ups, Mason Twists, and Oblique V-ups.

Whats The Bottom Line?

When it comes to workout routines for toning, what you really want to do is lose the fat and define the muscle. The greatest tool in my arsenal to date is P90X . Did I need to get the results I've gotten? Of course not. Did P90X make it easier, absolutely.

Remember, you won't be able to see that "defined" muscle if it's covered by a layer of fat. Sorry guys. Resources For Total Body Workout Routines Want a total body workout you complete in minutes? For your free guide, visit Ordinary Joe Muscle Building.

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