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Here are some sites on the web that cover the topics of weight loss and weight gain that I thought you might benefit from. All of the sites liste below deal with ways to lose weight or gain weight depending on your particular goals. Yes, there are some people who are interested in gaining weight and muscle. These sites cover those topics in some form

I will continue to add new links but only ones that add value to your visiting experience. If you have a passion for nutrition, health, and wellness you will enjoy the weight loss and weight loss resources listed on this page.

Also, if you have a favorite site that would go perfectly on this page and you would like to share it with everyone, please feel free to use the contact form to send me the information about the site.

Weight Loss Blogs and Websites

Weight Loss Wisdom: Dieting help when you really need it.

Eating a healthy diet is of key importance to your weight-loss success. The same can be said for a regular exercise program.

Weight Gain Blogs And Sites

Gain muscle mass
in record time, gain body mass, without the use of drugs. Mario Fanzolato, hypertrophy expert, offers free advice on weight training, nutrition, and every other aspect of natural muscle building.

Body Builders Supplements
Gain Weight Fast. The secret to building muscle fast is not a secret at all, it is simple a series of straightforward steps that if you follow properly, you cannot go far wrong. How to train with weights, the importance of technique and good form.

Gain Weight Muscle Fast
A complete and FREE guide on how to gain weight and build muscle. Weight gain diets, bodybuilding supplements and targeted weight training.

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