PX90 Workout Routines

People call P90X all kinds of things, including PX90. Maybe you've decided to do the program and you just want some advice for starting PX90 or wonder what those of us who have "graduated" the 90 day program think about it.

Personally, for me, it's been one of the best home workout routines I've done. I've lost weight, inches, and I'm much stronger than when I started. P90X isn't your only option for achieving results. There are plenty of programs out there that will work, if you commit to doing them. But PX90 made it easy for me.

I wanted to have an "Angela Bassett Body" or close to it (don't laugh). What I saw on the P90X informercials intrigued me because I saw it as a simple system that would help me reach my goal.

I'm a person who needs a system to follow. So if you tell me that all I have to do is put in 1 dvd per day for 90 days; do what I'm told; and I will get results. I'm all for that. P90X took all the guess work out of it.

PX90 Workout Routines

The most daunting part of the program is the nutrition plan. I say daunting because there is so much information that it was overwhelming at times.

Choosing the right diet plan; calculating the correct calorie intake for my body, etc. But, to Beachbody's credit, all of the information is there. It's written out step by step.

Luckily, I had already started changing my eating habits long before PX90 so I wasn't too concerned about eating the wrong foods and sabotaging my results.

The program's nutrition guide takes the guess work out of eating too, because there is a section that tells you what to eat and when. I don't like to grocery shop, so going to the store to find all of the ingredients for the FREE recipes and meal plans, wasn't all that appealing.But it was nice to have and to be able to use when I needed some variety in my meal planning.

The price of PX90 (about 120 retail, 10% off for club members, 25% off for coaches) is a big factor for a lot of people. There are ways to get the program if you're really interested, aside from ordering directly from Beachbody. You can try QVC, for instance and purchase it on flex pay.

Keep in mind that you are getting 12 workout routines dvds. So after you finish the program, you can always use the individual dvds as separate workouts. So if you think about it, you're paying about $10 bucks per workout dvd. Even less if you are a club member or coach.

PX90 Workout Routines Program Guides You Step By Step:

  • P90X Diet Nutrition Guide
  • PX90 Fitness Guide
  • 12 -P90X DVD Workout Routines
  • Online Support Team & Tools

What Do You Need For P90X?:

The Equipment I Use:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Mat
  • Chin Up Bar
  • Heart Rate Monitor (w/chest strap)
  • Towel
  • Water

I Also Take the Following Supplements:

  • P90X Recovery Drink
  • Shakeology
  • Slimming Supplements
  • Protein Bars

PX90 may or may not be for you. Maybe you don't want to gain a beach body or increase your muscle mass. Maybe you just want to lose weight. All you need is a quality Meal Replacement Shake and a simple exercise plan. That's perfectly okay. Like I always say, ftiness is not one size fits all. Getting fit is about meeting your own personal goals, not someone elses.

Find what works for you and start working it! Read more about P90X .

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