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The below before and after P90X workout pictures are from my first round of P90X from the period of April 2010 to July 2010. Just in case you did not read my P90X review and you are unfamiliar with the program, let me explain.

P90X is a home fitness program consisting of workout routines based on *muscle confusion designed to get you ishape in 90- days. Read my review for a brief explanation of "muscle confusion".

P90X workout pictures-Day 1: Beginning P90X

This is the day I started the program. At this point I was using my Pilates Home Gym and I had just purchased an Ab Coaster machine about a month earlier.

Prior to P90X my workout routines consisted of Walk Away The Pounds 4-5 days per week and Pilates Home Gym every other day. I had just started incorporating the Ab Coaster for additional Ab work (Note: This equipment is now on Craigslist for sale).

P90X workout pictures-Day 30: End of Phase 1

I was getting stronger at this point, but as you can see from the P90X workout pictures, there weren't very many physical changes. As a matter of fact, to me, it appeared my abs were worse. Overall though, comparing the pictures, I can see there was some change -very little though.

I think part of my problem was that I was eating too many calories. According to the P90X nutrition guide, I was supposed to eat 2400 calories per day. Well, I think that was too much for me in the beginning stages. I think I lost maybe 3 pounds during all of Phase 1.

P90X workout pictures-Day 60: End of Phase 2

This is the workout routines phase that encouraged me to keep going. I started seeing changes and I was slimming down in the waist, hips, and thighs. My arms were also more defined at this point. I attribute the increase in "slim down" to my decrease in calories.

At the beginning of Phase 2, P90X workout pictures show an improvement after I incorporated Shakeology as a meal replacement and focused on eating between 1500 and 1900 calories per day. Some days I ate more, but for the most part I tried not to exceed 2000 calories.

P90X workout pictures-Day 90: End of Phase 3

These photos were probably taken around the 93rd day of workout routines, when I returned from vacation. I was ecstatic when I downloaded my final P90X workout pictures and saw them on the computer screen. At the end of the program I had lost 12 pounds and several inches.

As I stated in my review, my before P90X measurement were: Chest 38, Waist 32, Hips 41 and my after measurements: Chest 36, Waist 28, Hips 38.

P90X workout pictures-Results After Round 2

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