What P90X Workout Equipment Do You Need?

Your P90x workout equipment used will depend on the P90x workout schedule for that day.

A lot of people are wondering what kind of P90X workout equipment they're going to need to purchase in addition to the actual P90X Dvds themselves.

Or as I understand someone recently put it, "P90X sounds great, but how much more money am I going to have to spend after I purchase it in order to perform the P90X exercises?"

Short Answer: pull up bar or dumb bells, yoga mat (unless you want carpet burn, and resistance bands or dumb bells. Compare prices and make the decision that is best for you.

Quality Yoga Mat

Tony (Horton) really stresses the importance of having a yoga mat and I agree. One of the dvd's is Yoga Xyou will most certainly not want to do your Yoga workout on the carpet alone. The other workout I use my mat for isAb Ripper X. You're on the floor the entire time. Again, you can purchase this at Beachbody as well. It you purchase it elsewhere be sure to get one with good thickness.1/4 Inch Ultra Thick Yoga Mat

An Area For Pull Ups/Chin Ups

I do my pull ups in the hallway just in front of the bedroom because my bar is attached to the bedroom door. I purchased my pull up bar from Amazon but Beachbody offers a pull up/chin up bar as well. I have my bar mounted over my bedroom door. The bar mounts to any standard size standard size interior doorway. At Beachbody the cost is around 60 bucks 45 for coaches. When I started, I purchased the Iron Gym Xtreme Total Upper Body Workout Bar with Bonus Ab Strapsfrom Amazon.com.

Resistance Bands or Dumb bells

Either dumb bells or resistance bands work fine. I already had 5l b weights when I started. But as I progressed in the program I needed heavier weights. So if you invest in weights you will need to progressively increase your weight, which can get expensive for some. I budgeted for it so in each phase, I purchased a heavier weight.

The resistance bands work wonderfully. For some this will be the route to go. During the workouts there is always a person demonstrating how to use them, so you will have guidance. The bands come in different levels of resistance. I'm using a medium resistance now. If you're just starting out, you may want to us the lighter resistance. bands. I also use the bands for my pull ups.

I throw my bands over the pull up bar attached to the door. It will make sense when you watch the demonstration on the P90x workout dvds.

Heart Rate Monitor

You'll hear Tony during the cardio workout routines recommend a heart monitor. This is so that you know that your heart rate is in the fat-burning zone. Again, you can get this from Beachbody or shop online for one. I have the Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Here is a list of additional P90x Workout equipment recommended by Beachbody, but I don't personally own these items.

Yoga Blocks

I can stretch pretty far, so they will come in handy when I get some. But I can use anything like a shoe box or something so I chose not to get them. Again, they are recommended in the program for your yoga workout and can be purchased through Beachbody. Yoga blocks give added support for balance as well. Just depends on what you think you need. YogaAccessories (TM) 4'' Foam Yoga Block

Body Fat Tester

I don't own a body fat tester yet, but it's on my radar. They're relatively cheap actually. This will help you track your progress especially if you are really into lowering your body fat percentage.

Push Up Stands

Again, this P90X workout equipment is recommended as push up stands give you greater depth in your push ups and for some it takes pressure off of the wrists.

My Equipment List Summary


Again these are recommendations for P90x workout equipment. At the very least you will need resistance bands and a place to do pull ups. I hope this information is useful and gives you a good over view of what is needed/recommended for your P90X workout equipment.

Compare prices and make the decision that is best for you. P90X Extreme Fitness

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