My P90X Reviews

My P90X reviews Q&A: Does P90X Work? What is the P90X Fitness Program? Is the P90X exercise routine difficult?

My P90X Reviews, Results, and Pictures:

First, "What is the P90x workout?" Some people have asked (as if they've been under a rock for the last year or so). But no matter, I'm happy to explain.

P90X is a fitness and workout system based on *muscle confusion . It’s designed to get you in the best shape ever in 90- days.
Note: There is a P90X 2 that I have not tried yet; but I will soon.

There are 12 workout routines (a series of DVDs), a nutrition plan, options for supplements, a fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress and the access to the online support team.

The trainer for this program is none other than the infamous, corny, "you’ll love to hate him", Tony Horton. Beachbody offers a 100% 90-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you don’t like it and it’s within 90 day time frame- send it back.

* “muscle confusion,” is a fancy way of saying that there are several exercises incorporated in the system to keep the different muscle groups working in different ways throughout the workouts. Or as You’ll hear Tony say things like, "mixing it up" and "variety is the spice of life".

My P90X Reviews, Results, and Pictures

Are The P90x Workout Routines Hard?

My Thoughts On the P90x Exercise Routines?

It wouldn’t be enough to just say, "they’re hard." But they are. P90X is extreme and I love a challenge, so I enjoy it. There’s something about finishing an extreme workout (and living to tell about it) that gives me a great deal of satisfaction and pride.

If I can do the #1 selling Extreme workout system on the market today, I must be the bomb! My favorite workout is one of the cardio workout routines, Kenpo X.

As Tony says, Kenpo X is "a kicking good time!" I burn an average of 750 calories during this cardio workout routine. My heart rate stays in the fat-burning zone. I sweat, I pant, and I get a good cardio workout. Read my P90X Workout Equipment Recommendations.

Kenpo X was designed to give P90X users a high-intensity cardiovascular workout loaded with fun , explosive combination to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, stamina and confidence.”-P90X Fitness Guide

My P90X Reviews, Results, and Pictures

How Intense Are The P90X Workout Routines?

Intensity of p90X Workout Routines

Check with your doctor before starting the program because it is intense. Was I soar after the p90x workout routine, Yes! But it was a good soar. The kind that says "I really got a good workout".

One of the workouts, Plyometrics, is high-impact which, in the beginning, I thought would be problematic because of my knee issues (they used to swell).

The good thing I learned was any move could be modified to fit my fitness level. So there was no pressure to do it exactly the way Mr. Super Fit Tony Horton did. I just followed along with the person in the video who did modified moves.

P90X gave me options. I like options. Do your best and forget the rest. That statement got me through several workout routines.

My P90X Reviews, Results, and Pictures

What P90x Supplements Do I Use?

P90X Reviews of Supplements 

  • Shakeology
  • P90X Recovery Drink
  • Slimming Supplements
  • Protein Bars

What  Workout Routine Do I Dislike The Most?

My least favorite workout? Some of you will be shocked, but I don’t look forward to Yoga X. It’s an hour and a half long. The rest of the programs are about an hour and it takes focus. But after I’m done, I feel like a gazillion bucks. So that’s one of the things I have to work on –my attention span for Yoga X.

My P90X Reviews, Results, and Pictures

What I Dislike About the P90X Fitness Program?

 I have a lot of weigt to lose in my mid section as most women do and the cardio in the xp90 workout just didn't seem to be enough. I have to supplement the cardio with Walk Away The Pounds or even do double P90x Cardio workouts (one in morning and one in the evening.

What Did I Like Most About P90X?

P90X Reviews: Workout Routine Benefits Results baby! Look at my before and after pictures. I have Abs! Look at the before and after pictures of everyone else. This program works. Put the dvd in, workout 6 days a week, and eat clean. You can attain a beach body.

What Are Disadvantage?

Anyone can do P90X but P90X isn’t for everyone.

Some say they cannot do the program because of existing injuries. Now this is true for some, while others on the message boards work around the injuries. That’s why I recommend going to snoop around. See what others are saying.Another common thing people ask about is the price.

Additionally, some think $120.00 three is too much. Well, for me it beat the cost of a $45.00 p/month unused gym membership. So it really depends on how committed you are to your health and fitness. Tip: Checkout QVC it may be selling there on flex-pay.

My P90X Reviews, Results, and Pictures

What Are Beachbody's Online Benefits?

Update: 2021 You can access Beachbody Fitness Workouts Online- On-Demand.

Sign up for at free Beachbody to get access to nutrition information, message board support, newsletter and updates, chats, tips. Sign up for the paid membership $2.99 per w/k charged quarterly, and get exclusive privileges like 10% discount on all products, access to trainers and VIP chats, personalized menu plans, expert video tips, and access to talk with the fitness celebrities themselves in the chat room. Sign up for coach status and get all of this plus 25% off product purchases.

By the time I got to P90X I was fed up and ready to do something about it. You have to be fed up with where you are. Then and only then will you invest in something that works. P90X works if you do it. If you think you're going to buy it and put it on the shelf. Then don't waste your hard earned cash.

I recommend trying a workout on You Tube with Tony Horton, to get an idea of his coaching style. I have a You Tube Free Workout Routine with Tony Horton linked on this site.

Do yourself a favor whether it be P90X, or it's less intense brothers Power 90 or 10 Minute Trainer, or one of the other programs that I review on the site, give something a try.

My P90X Reviews, Results, and Pictures

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