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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Natural Remedies

Symptoms irritable bowel syndrome are constipation, gas, bloating and irregularity to name a few...

Bloating, gas, constipation, indigestion, etc. You know the drill if you've suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I most certainly am familiar with the symptoms of IBS. Some years ago after an endoscopy and and colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and IBS. Note: Talk to your doctor to be sure you don't have some type of food allergy or something. Don't just assume you have IBS.

It really was no surprise because IBS is something that other family members also deal with. I just didn't know it by name. It's also no surprise that I was instructed to follow a low fat high fiber diet. Which, I admit, I did not do all of the times.

So during my "do it my way" years, I tried laxitives, and powders, (never suppositories just didn't have the guts), etc. to resolve my issues. All of which gave me short term positive results, but after a while stopped working.

Not eating right is one of the primary irritable bowel syndrome causes. There are also irritable bowel syndrome stress related causes as well. So I tried to find something natural and nutrition to add to my diet. I hate vegetables and I wasn't getting enough fruit servings.

As I've mentioned before I started drinking a shake during phase 3 of my workout program. The product claimed to regualte digestion and also said that a serving would give me the fruits and vegetable servings I needed for the day. Jackpot!

I replaced lunch each day with a shake mixed with bananas and strawberries. The second day of using the product I had a normal bowel movement. I know that's gross for some, but those of us who have suffered with IBS know that having regular bowel movements is sometimes a challeng and can cause a host of other health problems.

There were people in the infomercial who said they were more "regular" since drinking it, so I thought what the heck. The shake has a ton of nutrients, it's gonna help me lose weight and it going to help me get regular. Win Win. If it doesn't work I'll send it back and never order it again. But as promised, the Shakeology regulated my digestive system and as a bonus also curbed my appetite, gave me enerygy, and helped me lose weight.

As such I still drink a shake a day and I continue to reap the benefits.

What Are Doctors Saying?

Natural Remedies for IBS

Bad bacteria can cause irritation of the lining of your intestinal tract causing the problems you're experiencing. Not enough fiber or food high in sugar and carbs will also cause problems. So if you want to naturally cure your IBS problems you should improve your diet. Avoid the fatty, high sugar carbs. Eat a diet containing more clean foods, fruits and veggies. Fish oil helps reduce inflamation, so that is a good natural remedy to help with IBS. Also, asidopholus is another natural product you can try.

In Conclusion Irritable Bowel Syndrome Natural Remedies

I have recommended the product to my aunt, who also as issues with IBS and she saw a difference the same day that she tried it. Now she drinks a shake a day and says it also gives her energy. I would recommend anyone try it or at least take a print out to your doctor and have him/her give you their opinion. Your regularity is certainly worth it. Read more about Shakeology.

Have a fit day!

Best of luck to you! Be blessed! Leave Irritable Bowel Syndrome Natural Remedies Go Home

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