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Eight days ago, with a great deal of hesitation, I began my high intensity interval training program, Insanity.

I must admit, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for completing this first week.

If you haven't read my first post you don't know that I've bveen avoiding the Insanity workout program for months now because it's known as the most difficult interval training for weight loss available on dvd.

But, I'm no whimp, and I didn't want to lose out on the possible benefits just because I was afraid of a little hard work.

What is Interval Training Anyway?

Normal Interval Training For Weight Loss

Interval Training, involves moderate cardio-based exercises with short intense intervals. For example when I go to the track I walk to warm up; then run for 1 minute; then walk for 30 seconds. I repeat this for about 20 minutes.

INSANITY Interval Training For Weight Loss

Insanity is apparenty (judging from my sweaty fit test this morning) a lot more intense and is referred to as MAX Interval Training.

Instead of doing moderate exercise, you'll work at your maximum intensity and take short periods of rest in between. "So you're working harder and longer and resting less."

I thought I was imagining things my first week in the program. Each morning, I felt as if my core was already tightening. She confirmed that during the first week, she too, tightened her core and had actually lost weight in her mid section.

On day 1 I completed my fit test, read more about my Fit Test results here.

Week One Interval Fitness Training Workouts

Workouts On The Week One Calendar Include:
  1. Monday- Fit Test
  2. Tuesday- Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  3. Wednesday- Cardio Power & Resistance
  4. Thursday- Cardio Recovery
  5. Friday- Pure Cardio
  6. Saturday- Plyometric Cardio Circuit (repeat Tuesday)
  7. Sunday- Rest Day!
Thank God for rest (smile). So let's talk about Week one's workout's individually...

Plyometric Cardio Circuit- Tuesday (and Saturday)

With the Fit Test behind me, I woke up day 2 ready for my first real Insanity workout- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Plyometric Cardio was about 40 minutes long.

I was determined to make it through the entire workout, but I had to stop several times during the workout. One thing I've become very familiar with during my exercise routines, is the pause button on my dvd (laughing).

During this week, I did Plyometric Cardio twice, Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, I didn't wear my Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch, but I did on Saturday. So check Saturday below for those stats.

Cardio Power & Resistance -Wednesday

Today was about strength resistance, sports drills and plyometrics, using the weight of my body. The workout was about 40 minutes long. Again, we started with the warm up that isn't really a warm up (laughing). It's more like a workout in itself. Followed by short break and stretching.

I admit this was another challenging day, but I loved every minute of it (once it was over). Again, I stopped during the workout because I was just plain exhausted and couldn't go any further without a break. It made me feel good to see the people in the video stopping and taking breaks as well. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor, so I can't share the stats with you, but next week I will remember. I promise (wink).

I did get a little light-headed during this workout. That confirmed that I did the right thing by not eating within three hours of my workout. Had I not worked out on an empty stomach, it would not have been a pretty sight. I know that's gross, but I have to warn you.

Cardio Recovery- Thursday

This is not the type of recover that I had in mind. I thought, oh today's workout is only about 30 minutes so it's not going to be so bad. Wrong! The recovery is still a challenging workout. It's shorter and you won't huff and puff as much, but don't expect to take it easy. Sorry, but no monitor again today. For some reason, that monitor is just not high on my priority list this week (laughing). Maybe because my focus is on staying alive (wink).

Pure Cardio Workout Routine- Friday

Pure Cardio is probably the one workout I "feared" the most and that's because one of my friends told me that she lost her lunch, so to speak, after doing this workout. So one thing I made up my mind to do was wait at least 3 hours after eating to do any of the Insanity workouts.

There's nothing I hate more than bowing before the "porcelain god" . I had a small meal around 2:30 pm and didn't do my Pure Cardio Workout until around 6:00 pm.

The workout begain, as all of them do, with the warm up. Insanity has the most insane warm up I've ever seen. It's not a light, "ease your way in" warm up. It's an all out "do your best to keep up" warm up. During the warm-up my heart rate went into the 160s!

We did a sequence of exercises (jogging, jumping jacks, butt kickds, high knees, etc) three times. Each time we did the sequence faster than the last.

After that, there was a 30 second water break before the stretch routine (about 5 minutes). The stretches were typical: hip flexor stretch, hamstring stretch, triangle pose (yoga stretch), and quad stretch, to name a few.

After another 30 second water break, the madness began...

This is a challenging workout. Please remember to modify moves if you have knee issues. I kept my knees soft during the workouts and I paied attention to my landings.

Listen to Shaun T's instruction and you'll be fine. Of course, before beginning this workout, check with your treating physician. Another thing I did this week, was take ibuprofen about an hour before my workouts. Some of the moves in Pure Cardio are:
  1. Suicides
  2. Sprints
  3. Switch Kicks
  4. Power Jacks
  5. Power Knees
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Football Sprints
Also, here are my heart rate readings and stats from my workout:
  1. Time In Fat-buring Zone: 13 minutes
  2. Average Heart Rate: 158
  3. Maximum Heart Rate: 185
  4. Calories Burned: 624 calories

Plyometric Cardio Circuit- Saturday (See Tuesday)

Check out Tuesday above for more information on the Plyometric Workout Routine, but here are the results that I tracked from Sauturday's Workout:
  1. Time In Fat-buring Zone: 11 minutes
  2. Average Heart Rate: 155
  3. Maximum Heart Rate: 182
  4. Calories Burned: 621 calories
Not bad hugh? (smile)

Rest! -Sunday

I have never been so happy to rest from a workout in my life. Not even from P90X. My body needed the rest and I definitely took advantage of the opportunity. No working out on this day for me.

Other things I want to share...

So far I've beend doing my workouts in the evenings. I just feel like I have more energy then. I'm not a morning person. I'm eating as clean as possible. I do have a sweet tooth so from time to time I might sneak in an oreo cookie or pringle chip.

The important thing is I do not indulge!

But, for the most part my diet is pretty good. Lots of baked sweet potatos, baked chicken, whole wheat pancakes for breakfast (sugar free syrup) or oatmeal. On Saturday, I made some pinto beans in the crockpot and added some ground turkey.

I had Shakeology on Monday for my mid afternoon snack. I take 2 ActivIt Supplements once a day with a meal and I have Recovery Drink after each workout to replenish glycogen stores and minimize muscle soreness.

As you can see my 60 day Insanity journey is in full swing and off to a very good start, I think. I'm in week 2! Wish me luck and I will check back in with you guys soon. Until next time...

Insanity Results Video

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