Butt Kicked Again By My High Intensity Interval Training Fit Test, But Hey I'm Making Progress

My 2nd High Intensity Interval Training Workout Fit Test Is Done!

Day 15 High Intensity Interval Training Workout Fit Test Results

Today was day 15 and boy did I dread doing today's fit test (smile). All morning I was thinking about it and wondering how I was going to do.

Mostly because I've been starting my mornings with Thera Flu Severe Cold medicine. Just been feeling a little icky. Not enough to shut me down, but enough to know I'd better be proactive in dealing with it.

You would think I would have just done my Fit Test this morning and gotten it out of the way so that I wouldn't be thinking about it all day. But, of course, I failed to "Eat The Frog" Fit Test first thing this morning (smile).

My first fit test was a challenge. I didn't know what to expect and I admit, Shaun T kicked my butt. Yes, that's right. I got my butt handed to me during the 25 minute fit test (laughing). Hey, I'm a work in progress. So here's a recap of the first fit test results:
  1. Switch Kicks: 51
  2. Power Jacks: 49
  3. Power Jumps: 37
  4. Globe Jumps: 9
  5. Suicide Jumps: 15
  6. Push-Up Jacks: 17
  7. Low Plank Obliques: 25
Now, here are my results from today's (Day 15) Fit Test:
  1. Switch Kicks: 91
  2. Power Jacks: 58
  3. Power Jumps: 30
  4. Globe Jumps: 11
  5. Suicide Jumps: 17
  6. Push-Up Jacks: 25
  7. Low Plank Obliques: 51
Whoa! I really did improve a LOT!
  1. 40 more switch kicks! I must have been half asleep the first time around (lauging).
  2. 9 more Power Jumps
  3. 7 LESS Power Jacks
  4. 2 More Globe Jumps
  5. 2 More Suicide Jumps
  6. 8 more Push Up Jacks
  7. 26 More Low Plank Obliques!!! What was I doing on day 1 (still laughing)

I'm excited about the progress. Except for one area- Power Jumps. Those things reak havoc on my knees and I'm doing my best to modify them. It'll be interesting to see how my next fit test goes. Overall I'm very pleased with my progress.

I haven't noticed any weight loss to speak of. My core is getting stronger and my abs are tighter, but no big changes. Even though this was just the fit test, I still needed P90X Recovery Drink when I finished.

I was pooped! And my legs are feeling a little stiff, so I'm going to take an ibuprofen before I hit the sack (go to bed). Until the nex time guys! Read More About Insanity Workouts.

Be blessed!

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