The Health Benefits of Yoga X And Why, Until Recently, It Was My Least Favorite Workout...

About Health Benefits of Yoga P90X

"I Hate Yoga!"

I knew the health benefits of Yoga X but I still hated. Each time the day rolled around, I found an excuse to substitute it with X stretch or most times I would just do a portion of the workout. I can't tell you how many times I've heard others say they hate yoga x too.

Why do so many people hate it? Because it's not easy. It's hard. It challenges you and to top it off, Yoga X is an hour and a half long! You really have to "clear your mind" and "get in the right frame of mind" to settle in and do Yoga X.

That's how, after months, I was finally able to complete the entire workout without getting frustrated and stopping early. Last week I cleared my mind; told myself that I was going to complete it no matter what; and reminded myself that Yoga has several benefits for my health.

What Is Yoga Anyway?

The word Yoga

The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit language meaning "union". Yoga is a system of movements involving both berating and meditation. Yoga is said to relax the body. Though I didn't see how because the positions and postures challenged me so much in the beginning that I actually felt more uncomfortable than anything. At one point I stopped in the middle of the workout declaring, "I can't take one more ashtanga salutation!" Hey, my arms were tired. (smile)

Types of Yoga

Yoga has various styles that can be called 'hath yoga'. It contains yogasanas that include physical exercises, pranayama, breathing exercises and dhyana or meditation. People can choose asanas according to their preference that helps to improve flexibility, relaxation, & helps to build up stamina. Proper breathing & relaxing plays a very important role.

Another type of hath yoga is Iyengar which makes use of equipment like rollers, belts etc. For more physical effort one should choose ashtanga, which is power yoga. Ashtanga is what you will be doing in P90X Yoga X. I definitely understand why it is called "power yoga". Performing the different asanas in the proper way helps in the toning and stretching muscles; firms up the body; improves stamina, concentration; and helps eliminate tension.

The Advantages of Doing Yoga Workouts

Yoga helps to improve overall health and appearance; increases muscle flexibility; and surprisingly burns a lot of calories. I was surprised after my first Yoga X workout to see on my heart rate monitor that I had burned over 500 calories! I still am not quite sure how this is possible because youÂ’re not jumping around or anything. Some argue that regularly performing yoga workouts is the best way to stay fit.

The good thing about yoga is that anyone can do it. No matter the age or sex. Yoga has been known to help with healing and strengthening the bodies of people with health problem or those who are suffering from some sort of stress. When I think about it, the evening that I completed the entire program, I was really stressing over a personal issue. By the time I completed the Yoga workout, though, I was feeling less tense and stressed. That's what turned my attitude positive around with the Yoga X exercises. The breathing and stretching really helped calm my nerves when I settled in, cleared my head, and just did it. I stopped thinking about how long the workout was and all the problems I had to deal with after the workout.

I've read that yoga can help with a number of things such as:
  • depression
  • asthma
  • back pain
  • epilepsy
  • headache
  • heart disease
  • improving eyesight
  • balancing metabolism
  • reducing weight
  • increasing energy levels
  • relaxing the mind & body
  • making you feel more youthful
Before I learned so much about the health benefits of yoga x it was just a part of my P90X workout routine, but now I will use that individual dvd whenever I want to reap the rewards of a good mind, body and stress relief workout. Of course, with any workout, the full benefits come when we practice healthy eating habits as well. The same holds true with yoga I'm certain. A body fueled by greasy food and sugar is far less apt to reap the health benefits of yoga than a body filled with fruits, vegetables and other natural food.

Practicing Yoga is will not only help in keeping our body healthy and fit but will also help in developing a healthy mind.

Concluding The Health Benefits of Yoga P90X

I've shared my experience, but you should also check out my friend Scott's Hatha Yoga Training site . When you visit Scott's site, you'll se that he is quite the yoga guru.

I've also placed a video below for your viewing pleasure. Have a great yoga workout today. You'll be glad you did.

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