Want a Free Workout Routine?

How About A Work Out With Celebrity Trainer, Tony Horton?

For those of you looking for a free workout routine that you can easily implement, here it is. Tony Horton, creator of the popular fitness program P90X, has encouraged us all to "pay it forward".

2021 UPDATE:

Though Tony Horton is no longer with Beach Body, he is still very much an advocate for health and fitness. In 2017 Horton shared that he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome type 2. After a very difficult recovery, he continues to teach people how to get and stay fit and healthy as they age.

Many like myself have gotten phenomenal results with Beachbody and we love to share our stories with everyone we meet. You've probably encountered one or two of us already.

About the Video

This video is several years old, but still an excellent routine! It was created to share fitness and health. It's approximately 35 minutes. In this video Tony Horton is working out with  a group of eager participants.

Hope you enjoy it!

Free Workout Routine Video

So don't be afraid to go for it! Work out.

Follow along with Tony and Brian and you'll be just fine. Modify as needed. Oh! Before you begin, let me say, "Good for you!" for wanting to workout and get fit.

Watch This & Exercise w/Tony Horton

Post Workout

Refueling your body after a workout is important. There are several products out there for post workout. I've tried Muscle Milk, Chocolate Milk, and a few other things. Muscle Milk doesn't taste good to me. I use either fat free chocolate milk; the the chocolate flavored shakeology, or the P90X Recovery drink.

The Healthiest Meal of My Day

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