Does Slim Fast Really Work?
Well, Yes but...

Does Slim Fast Really Work?

Slim Fast Shakes Diet. My Slim Fast Reviews, Opinions, Recommendations... Does Slim Fast really work, you ask? Well, the answer is yes and the answer is also no. Before you think I'm losing it, let me explain my answer of Yes and No.

In years past I spent a lot of money on Slim Fast products. Why? Because I saw my mom do it and she seemed to lose weight. In my quest to lose weight, however, I failed to do my research of the health or lack of benefits of slim fast.

In recent years, through lots of research and from hearing fitness trainer's comments, I've come to understand that Slim Fast actually is not the healthiest thing for you. Why? Because it contains a long list of unhealthy ingredients, including, hydrogenated oils, and other chemicals that are unhealthy for our bodies. You probably already see where I'm going here in my "yes" and "no" answer explanation. Slim Fast can help you lose weight, but at the risk of compromising your health. I like Slim Fast. My mom used it when I was younger.

Well, it wasn't what I wanted so I stopped using it and started looking for a healthier meal replacement alternative. , I found Shakeology.

I had never heard of it until I started the P90X program and saw the shameless infomercial after one of my workouts (lol). Hey they're in business to help people get healthy, right?

It's expensive!

I tried the product in my last phase of P90X (phase 3) and to my surprise it worked. I kick started with the 3 day Shakeology cleanse and lost 7 pounds in 3 days.

Then I continued by replacing lunch each day with Shakelogy mixed with bananas and strawberries. Which is what I would normally do with Slim Fast (minus the mixture of bananas and strawberries).

As promised, the Shakeology regulated my digestive system, curbed my appetite, gave me energy, and helped me lose weight. As a result, I continue to use Shakeology as part of my daily diet. I've also recommended it to friends and family, who also have had success with it.

As with anything you have to make your own decisions about products. Do your research, find out what the experts are saying, and go from there.

Does Slim Fast Really Work? YES

In Conclusion Does Slim Fast Really Work Conclusion

Pros. Slim Fast really works and it tastes pretty good too. It's not too expensive compared to other products on the market and it's readily available when you need to restock.

Cons. The huge con is the nutritional value- or lack thereof. There is just too much sugar. So now you understand why my answer to does slim fast really work is, yes and no. Yes you can lose weight, but no it is not the healthiest thing for you.

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