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Dealing With Negative People

About dealing with negative people, avoiding negative people, and staying on track with your goals...

On dealing with negative people
Some people are just plain negative. That's all there is to it. But you don't have to allow them to discourage you. Regardless of who they are or how close they may be to us.

Sometimes the people closest to you are the one who will be the least supportive and the most negative. You're all excited about your knew goal and you share it with your significant other, brother, sister, BFF, and you're met with negativity.

That's the last thing you expected. How are you supposed to process that? What do you do?

You ignore negative people. That's what you do.

I deal with negative comments all the time regarding my health and weight loss goals. Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm an advocate of health and fitness. Very noble advocation, right? So you would think people would be very supportive and positive right?


I hear comments all the time like "You're going to be too skinny", "You don't need to lose weight" or "I can't eat like that. I love food too much." on and on...

Did I let that stop me from dropping 4 pant sizes and getting healthy? No. I did not. and I will not.

You see, I'm fully aware that negative people are speaking from the depths of their own insecurity and self-doubt. So I brush it off.

That's what I want to encourage you to do as well. When you decide to improve yourself, there will be people who will say and do things to discourage you.

I encourage you to shake those negative people off. Realize they are only projecting their lack of discipline and lack of motivation on to you. They're unhappy with themselves and they're jelous of your drive and committment to self improvement. How dare you improve your quality of life? Who do you think you are?

Negative people are funny. When you're down and doing badly, they talk negative about you. When your progressing and trying to do well, they talk negative about you. There's really no pleasing them. So stop trying! Simply smile and keep it moving.

You have goals. Don't let negative people deter you. Stay focused and you will succeed.

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