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Core Workouts

Core Workouts In The P90X Core Synergistics Routine

Why Are Core Workouts Important?

Core Workouts like P90X workout, Core Synergistics, are super important. Some described the body's core as the "tree trunk" of the human body.

The core of the body consists of the area around the trunk and pelvis where the center of the body's gravity is located.

It's important to have a strong core for good posture and spinal support. When the core muscles are strong we are less likely to experience back pain or injury during workouts, sports activities, or everyday movement (at home, work, or play).

This area of my body is the area I long to see the greatest improvement.

Workouts In Core Synergistics

The specific exercises below are part of the Core Synergistics routine and focus on strengthening "the lumbar spin and trunk muscles which are the foundation for all the other muscles in the body".

Here are some of the core workouts you'll find in Core Synergistics P90X:
  1. Stacked Foot/Staggered Hands Push-ups
  2. Banana Roll
  3. Leaning Crescent Lunges
  4. Squat Run
  5. Sphinx Push-Ups
  6. Bow To Boat
  7. Low Lateral Skaters
  8. Lunge and Reach
  9. Break and Stretch
  10. Prison Cell Push-Ups
  11. Side Hip Raise
  12. Reach High and Under Push Ups
  13. Steam Engine
  14. Towel Hoppers
  15. Walking Push-Up
  16. Superman Banana

What To Expect From Core Synergistics

Core Synergistics is one of the P90X workouts that you will doing a recovery week. But don't be mislead. Just because it's during recovery week, doesn't mean it's going to be easy.

Remember you're going to be working multiple muscle groups as you build and support the core (lumbar spine and trunk muscles) and condition your body.

Some people find this workout to be fun and entertaining, ummm....not me (smile). It's hard work. But then again all of the P90X workouts are. You just have to get your mind right and do it. As Tony says, "Get out of your head about it."

You will need some type of recovery drink after your workout. Don't be fooled by "recovery week workouts" as they are still intense.

What kind is really up to you. I've tried Muscle Milk (yucky taste), low fat chocolate milk with wehy protein mixed in (not bad), and of course the P90X Recovery Drink . My staple is the P90X recovery drink and my fall back is low fat chocolate milk mixed with whey protein powder .

Core Synergistics Video

That's all folks!

Now go build yourself some beautiful biceps! Read More About P90X .

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