Christian Interval Workout Review Day 9

My Christian Interval Training Workout, Power and Praise Review Day 9
Delight Yourself In The Lord (Psalm 37:4)

Christian Interval Training Day 9 Body Gospel Workout: Power & Praise Interval Training:

"I Had Very Little Faith In Today's Workout"

All I can say is Wow! I was not expecting such an intense workout today. Guys, Donna really broke me down today. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the levels and intensity of the moves in todays Power and Prase Interval Workout. To give you an idea just how little faith I had in today's workout. I had already placed my Back/Bicep workout dvd next to the player. My intention was to do that after Power and Praise. Guys, I did NOT have to do a back and bicep workout. For one thing, I had no energy to do it (laughing).

Secondly, Power and Praise included strength training. We used the bands today druing the workout and we did shoulder presses, tricep kick-backs, arm extensions, bicep curls, and a couple more I know I'm leaving out. The planks, push-ups, and mountain climbs really got me at the end. I couldn't hang and had to drop to my knees before Donna finished the set. I've never been so happy to be in "Child's Pose" position (laughing). There were intervals of what was called, "Cardio Blasts" in between the strength training sets.

I did wear my heart-rate monitor. Today during the Power and Praise workout, I was in the fat-burning zoine for 19 minutes. My average heart rate was 145. My peak heart rate was 169 and I burned 490 calories! Whohoo! That's pretty good considering I was stopping from time to time to either catch my breath (smil) or learn the step (exercise move). So I'm interested to see how many calories I burn once I know what I'm doing (lauging).

The songs in today's workout included:
  1. You Bought the Sunshine
  2. My Life
  3. Hallelujah Praise
  4. Lift Him Up
  5. Dance
  6. The Light You Give

The Transformation Guide For Day 9

The topic for Day 9 is "Delighted" . The message was becoming fit requires us to go through changes (muscle soreness, intense workouts, etc) but we know that through this God is giving us the desires of our heart (to be healthy and fit). Today's topic encouraged us to power through the challenges that we face on this journey and remember that it's God's desire that we be healthy. And because we are seeking His will, he will be there to help us succeed.

Well, what we should not do is try to follow every scheme, fad, and get skinny quick pattern that comes along. We should not "conform" to the world's pattern of doing things. Fast and furious with no regard to our physical or emotional health.

We must seek healthy habits and follow after those who have obtained health and physical fitness by using safe, healthy methods. Pray for God to give you strength during your quest to eat healthy and lose weight using healthier methods than fad diets.

"Delight yourself in the Lord: and he shall give you the desires of heart." - Psalm 37:4

The Body Gospel Nutrition Guide For Day 9

Today I had oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. I will have a meal replacement for lunch and I haven't settled on dinner just yet. But for your information, here's what the guide suggested for day 9:
  1. Breakfast- Veggie Omlet with Grapefruit
  2. Snack -Fruit Cheese Plate
  3. Lunch -South of the Border Burger
  4. Snack- Tuna Crakers
  5. Dinner- Healthy Chicken Parmesan

Tips for Day 9 Body Revival

Make sure your bands are secure before beginning your workout. Today during my workout one of the ends of the band slipped off. No, I didn't get popped with the band or anything like that. These bands seem to be made in such a way that that doesn't happen when they slip loose.

Basically, I didn't have it secured tightly enough and it slipped off. So I had to stop in the middle of the workout to re-secure it. After I secured it correctly I didn't have any more problems with it. Power and Praise is a tough workout. Cut yourself some slack if you have to stop to catch your breath like I did. It's all good! So today's TIPS -Secure Your Bands Before Beginning Your Workout and Cut Yourself Some Slack.

See you tomorrow. Be blessed!

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