Christian Fitness Body Gospel Workout Review

My Christian Fitness Workout, Great Christian Fitness Music, and Day 5 Topic: Man Looks At the Outside God Looks At The Heart

Christian Fitness Day 5 Body Gospel Workout: Body Revival

Today was day 5 of my Christian Fitness Workout, Body Gospel, Today's workout was Body Revival again. This is the third time this week of dong Body Revival. I wore my heartrate monitor again today and I burned even more calories than the last time. Time I burned 441 calories as opposed to the 381 calories on Wednesday! Yeah me.

I believe I burned more calories because I'm more familiar with the basic moves. I'm not stopping or hesitating and I'm able to put more energy behind the moves.

I've never told you before, but the Great Christian Fitness music on the Body Revival Workout consists of:
  1. The Presence Of The Lord: Written by Kurtt Carr
  2. Lord You Are Good: Written By Israel Houghton
  3. Good To Me: Written By Donald Lawrence and Daniel Weatherspoon
  4. Testify
  5. I Feel (The Presence)
  6. Keep On
"and music featured by Jules Bartholomew"

The Transformation Guide For Day 5

Today's topic was The Heart Of The Matter. Today's topic was more of a reminder that God is more concerned about our inner man than our outer physical appearance. The scripture reading was from 1 Samuel 16:7

"For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart."

It's great to want to look good and feel good about the way we look, but we never want to place physical beauty above inner beauty. Our integrity, the way we treat others, and the condition of our heart are what are most important in God's eyes.

The Body Gospel Nutrition Guide For Day 5

I haven't mentioned much about the Nutrition Guide. Honestly, I'm not following it to the letter, but that's because my diet is pretty good already. Finally, after a great deal discipline, learning, and trial and error, I'm at a point where I know what to eat and of course my daily meal replacement helps. Here's what the guide suggested for day 5:
  1. Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs and Turkey Bacon
  2. Snack -Open Faced Turkey Sandwich
  3. Lunch -Roast Beef and Goat Cheese Wrap
  4. Snack- Blueberry Almond Yogurt
  5. Dinner- Asian Chicken Salad

Tips for Day 5 Body Revival

5 Days in you're going to feel a lot more comfortable with your workout. Be proud of yourself and the progress you've made! Keep pushing play everyday. Stick to a clean diet, whether it be the Body Gospel Diet Nutrition or another form of your choice. Your committment will pay off. Even if something happens and your workout schedule is interrupted, make the choice to pick it up and keep going as soon as you can. Be Blessed!

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