Will The Brazil Butt Workout Lift Your Bum And Improve Your Bottom Line?

My Review of "Brazil Butt Lift's Maximum Results System with Trainer Leandro Carvalho...Available In Demand!

What Is The Brazil Butt Workout?

The Brazil Butt Lift Maximum Results System is an in-home workout routine available on DVD. The trainer is Leandro Carvalho, said to be trainer to world famous super models. Now let me say here, this is not the entire Brazil Butt Lift system.

The set that I have includes two DVDs containing 3 workouts: Rio Extreme, Abs Rapido, and Upper Cuts. There is a Brazil Butt Lift System that comes with 5 DVDS (about $60) and there is also a Deluxe Version that comes with 8 DVDs (about $120). Both of these come with booty makeover book, cards, tape measures, and all kinds of other tools.

Now...about Leandro Carvalho, he cracks me up! He is so lively and energetic! He's jumping, dancing, and getting excited all throughout the program. It's hard not to like him and he's funny too. But aside from his lively personality, his workout routines are pretty on point as far as what is necessary to work your butt into shape.

What Is Brazil Butt Workout Supposed To Do?

The program claims to give your butt a makeover by lifting, toning, and firming it into the perfect swimsuit ready booty. During the Rio Extreme workout, there is a mixture of muscle work, cardio and targeted butt workout exercises like dead lifts, lunges, and squats.

Leandro keeps the routine lively with Brazilian dance moves during some of the cardio circuits. I must admit I was a bit of a clutz during one of the cardio dance moves, but despite stumbling over my own feet (smile) the sweat dripping from my forehead assured me I still got a good workout.

Weights are introduced for muscle workouts. I used 5 pound weights to do lateral raises and triceps extensions. The last 15 minutes of the workout is on the floor and mostly targets the abs. The floor routine is a welcome change of pace after so much cardio-especially the Burpies!

Brazil Butt Workout

How The Program Works

The program is a fit for beginner, intermediate, or more advanced participants. For the beginners, there are a couple of ladies who perform modified moves throughout the program.

I consider myself to be intermediate to advanced and I got a good workout. Actually, the very first time I did the workout, I only made it halfway through before sitting down. You've probably heard me say before, cardio is a weakness for me. But after the third workout, I was good to go and made it all the way through. Still, though I modified some of the moves.

Does It Do What It Claims To Do?

In my personal opinion, yes. I've been doing this program now every other day for about 4 weeks. The swimsuit bottoms that fit me snug before I started are now too big. I've also noticed more curves and less excess fat in my hip thigh area. Since I have the 2 DVD program I substitute these workouts in place of my other cardio routines.

Brazil Butt Workout

Benefits of Brazil Butt Workout Maximum Results System

It's a DVD so you can do it any place you have a player and enough time (about 50 minutes for Rio Extreme and 25 minutes for Abs Rapid & Upper Cuts.

Also, the Maximum Results system is the least expensive of the Brazil Butt Lift systems (under $60) and for three workouts that's not bad. I also got resistance bands with this set too. That was an added bonus.

Disadvantages If you have bad knees, the lunges and squats may bother your knees a bit. That's one reason I modify some of the moves. My knees tend to be weak, but exercising is actually strengthening them. So be aware of this is you have problems with exercises like squats and lunges.

Keep in mind though, these are the best exercises to get your butt in shape. Read my article on Best Butt Workout Routines.

Brazil Butt Workout

My Conclusions The Brazil Butt Lift Maximum Results System with 3 workouts and resistance bands is worth the $60 retail/ $54 Club/ $45 Coach price that you will pay for it. Especially if you need to tone your lower bottom and strengthen your heart with cardio exercise. I'm glad to have this one in my fitness library.

Send me your questions and feedback about this program or any others. Take Care and Happy Fitness Journey Guys!

Brazil Butt Workout

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