Boot Camp Exercises Anyone?

Increased participation is expected next year in boot camp exercises, interval training, and gym memberships to name a few...

Boot Camp Exercises or Gym Membership? Decisions...Decisions...

I Read an article at today that discussed fitness trends for 2011 (as predicted by American College of Sports Medicine).

Among the trends mentioned, four caught my attention. The experts predict an increase in: (1) gym memberships, (2) fitness boot camps, (3) small group training, and (4) interval training.

Now I'm no expert, certainly I don't plan to refute the predictions of American College of Sports Medicine, but I do have an opinion about these predictions.

Boot camp exercises discussion

People Are Working Out More

Maybe the gym memberships will increase, maybe not. I don't know, but it does seem that there are tons of people jumping on the fitness bandwagon lately (including myself).

In my opinion, it isn't primarily because of the upswing in the economy. I think that people are finally starting to realize that their health is their wealth. Finally, people are getting tired of being sick and tired, day in and day out and they're ready to do something about it.

Not to mention the cost of medical care and prescription drugs. I for one can attest to the fact that it is a lot cheaper to be fit (looking good is an added bonus). I was paying $47.00 per month for blood pressure meds. For some that may be no big deal. But for me, shelling out almost $600.00 a year was a very big deal indeed!

Boot camp exercises discussion

Military Style Anyone?

At least three of my friends are currently attending some type of fitness boot camp. It's become the thing to do. Again, people are tired of being overweight and unhealthy. So they aren't shying away from hard work when it comes to getting the weight off and keeping it off.

There is definitely more of a commitment these days. If I had my choice between a gym and a boot camp, I would probably choose the boot camp. At least you're working out with a group of people who can keep you motivated.

And most likely the people in the boot camp are more likely to look like you. Unlike in the gym, where you have body builders walking around looking at you like you just fell off the couch potato wagon because you're a little soft in the middle.

Boot camp exercises discussion

Grab Your Comrades Take A Class

One of my girlfriends attends Zumba classes at the local elementary school gym, while my business coach has recently become a certified Turbo Kick instructor and teaches her own fitness camp in her home town. If you pay attention, you might notice these small group trainings popping up all around you at churches, businesses, and local groups.

Hey, maybe you're planning to start a fitness business of your own. Why not, grab a few friends or co-workers and start getting in shape together. Someone has to take the lead, might as well be you, right?

Short intense Workouts

I personally have become interested in interval training. It sounds like a fabulously easy way to lose fat fast.

I've mentioned in previous articles that I enjoy going to the local track to walk, run, or jog. What I've started doing is a little interval sprinting. I sprint (jog, run) for a 30 seconds then recover 1 and 1/2 to two minutes walking.

My heart rate really gets up there and by the time I'm done (about 30 minutes) I'm sweating up a store. I've notice greater muscle tone in my abs since I started this a few weeks ago. From what I've read, running is not the only way to do this. You can also jump rope and get the same great results.

Boot camp exercises discussion

Boot Camp Exercises Or Zumba Class?

Sounds to me like American College of Sports Medicine are pretty on target with its predictions and most of what they predict is already in full swing. So get out there join a gym, start a fitness group, or participate in your favorite boot camp exercise .

Whatever you do, just get moving. If you want to read the rest of the predictions I recommend checking out article at:

Have a great workout today guys!

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