Bodyweight Workouts
Cardio Power & Resistance Exercises

The bodyweight workouts and core workouts that challenged me most during Cardio Power & Resistance on Day 8

About Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts are great because you don't have to spend money on extra equipment. You can get into great shape while staying within your budget. That's one of the reasons I chose Insanity -no weights required. Another plus is that when I'm traveling I wont have to worry about going to the hotel gym or packing resistance bands.

It's Not As Easy As It Looks

What I'm finding though, is that bodyweight workouts are tough. Rather than lifting a 5-15 pound dumbbell, I'm pushing and pulling my own body weight which is a little bit heavier than 5-15 pounds (lauging).

So....let's talk about my Day 8 Bodyweight Workout, Cardio Power & Resistance...

Day 8 Cardio Power & Resistance

Today was day 8 of my 60 day Intense Interval Training workout. By far, to date, Cardio Power and Resistance has been the most difficult workout routine I've done in the series. Even though this is the second time I've done the workout, it still was just as difficult.

Admittedly, I was able to do more reps this time but still the sweat was pouring off and I had to stop several times before the rep count was complete.

My left knee felt a bit overworked during this routine as well and I placed a bag of frozen broccoli on them after I finished. I think maybe today I didn't land softly enough during the power jumps (last week my knees didn't bother me after this exercise).

Exercises in the Workout

Here are some of the exercises in the Cardio Power and Resistance workout:
  1. V Push-ups- to work the shoulders
  2. One Legged Tricep Dips
  3. Tricep Ball Pushups -to work the core and the triceps at the same time
  4. Squat/ Push-ups Series
  5. Moving Push- Ups
  6. Floor Sprints
  7. Power Jumps
  8. Belt Kicks
I wore my heart rate monitor during the body weight workout routine and this is what I got:
  1. Workout Duration- 41 minutes(m)
  2. Minutes in fat-burning zone- 12 m
  3. Average Heart Rate- 149
  4. Maximum Heart Rate- 177
  5. Calories Burned- 532 calories

More Bodyweight Workouts To Consider


Calisthenics are basically gymnastic type exercise movements that don't require any weights or machines (which is what I want). And from the pictures that I've seen of people who do Calisthenics, their muscle tone is off the charts.

Create Your Own Routine

You don't have to purchase a workout program like Insanity to get great results from bodyweight workouts. Pull-ups, Push-ups, Power Jumps, Balance Squats, Chair Dips, Supermans, and Plank Exercises are all bodyweight workouts that will give you great results. Try each of these exercises for about 30 seconds, 1 minute, or even 2 minutes duration. When you're done, move to the next exercises and repeat the cycle for twenty minutes.

Cardio and Power Resistance Workout Video

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