My Body Gospel Workout Review

My Home Workout Review of the Body Gospel with Trainer, Donna Joyner

My Body Gospel Arrived: What's In The Box?

My Body Gospel workout arrived in a relatively small box. Inside was a box containing:
  1. A 4-fold Body Gospel Workout Dvd Workout set
  2. A Free Beachbody Fitness Sampler DVD (50 minutes: Hip Hop Abs, Power 90, 10 Minute Trainer, Yoga Booty Ballet Live, and Slim Series)
  3. Mearsuring Tape
  4. Measurement Tracker Card
  5. Body Gospel Basic 10 Fitness Cards
  6. 3 Day Jump Start Diet Plan
  7. Nutrition Guide
  8. Total Transformation Guide
  9. Two Exercise Bands

4-Fold Body Gospel Workout DVD Set

Body Gospel workouts are broken into four dvds that contain the various individual workouts for the next 30 days. The first blue dvd contains "Body Revival", Core Revelation, and Stretch in the Spirit. The Second DVD (purple) contains Power and Praise and Gospel Glory. On the third DVD you have Strength and Spirit and Body Gospel Live. Fourth and finally you have a yellow dvd containing Stepping In The Spirit.

Beachbody Fitness Sampler

  1. A free gift from beachbody containing samples of other programs:
  2. Hip Hop Abs featuring Shaun T,
  3. Power 90 featuring Tony Horton,
  4. 10-Minute Trainer, featuring Tony Horton,
  5. Yoga Booty Ballet Live featuring Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough
  6. Slim Series Express, featuring Debbie Siebers

Total Transformation Guide

The Total Transformation Guide is going to be your resource for the next 30 days. It gives you basic information about the Gospel workout program and all of it's components. The guide offers suggestions for getting started as well as a Commitment Contract & A Body Gospel Vision Board. I would suggest taking a day or so during your 3 day jump start diet, to read through the guide so that you can fully implement the principles suggested in the Transformation Guide. They really are a blessing.

The guide also is a journal and a calendar. The journal portion allows you to read inspiration, pray, meditate on scripture and track your goals daily.

The calendar is in the very back of the guide and tells you which workouts to do each day of the 30 day workout program.

You're encouraged to implement the power of agreement principle by working out with a buddy and helping eachother to remain in faith and accountable for completing the program.

Body Gospel Nutrition Guide

The guide offers a 30 day meal plan, so it takes the guess work out of what to eat. There is also a snack list and substitution list, which is really nice. So that you can have variety during the program, the guide offers "beyond the meal plan" suggestions and healthy eating ideas.

Measuring Tracker Card and Tape

The card gives you the opportunity to record your starting weight, and measurements on the left side and your final weight and measurements 30 days later on the right side.

3 Day Jump Start Diet

This plan suggests, basically the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse . Which does work. You do the diet plan for three days prior to starting the Body Gospel Program. I've done it before and lost 7 pounds in 3 days. You can use an alternate meal replacement with this as well.

Basic 10 Fitness Cards

There are 10 basic moves in the program. As such there is a demonstration card for each move.

Two Exercise Bands

These are the bands that you will use during the Power and Praise and Gospel Glory workouts. The bands are a little different from what you're used to. Instead of one band with a handle on each opposite end, you have two separate bands. The first dvd contains assembly demonstration for you. It's really easy so don't worry.

Body Gospel What's In The Box Conclusion

That's it for what's in the box. Be sure to subscribe so that you can keep up with my updates on this page as I progress through the program. I am also creating you tube videos as well, so be sure to visit you channel and subscribe for updates. If you're interested in the workouts I would love to hear from you that you've joined me. Take care! Read more about The Body Gospel Workout Program.

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Donna Richardson's Latest Workout: Body Gospel

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