Body Gospel Beachbody Fitness Workout Review

My Day 3 Body Gospel Workout Routine Experience, Review of Home Workout DVD Body Gospel with Trainer, Donna Joyner (Body Revival Workout)

Day 3 Body Gospel Workout: My Second Body Revival Experience

Today was day 3 of my Body Gospel Workout. Today's workout was a repeat of Monday so we did Body Revival. It was about 30 mintes and a really good cardio workout routine for beginners up to advanced fitness buffs. This time I wore my heartrate monitor.

I burned 381 calories during Body Revival. I was in my fat-burning zone for about half the time. My average heart rate was 146. My maximum heart rate was 175.

This time I also chose "normal" for the music setting and was able to hear Donna's instructions a lot better. Of course the music wasn't as easy to hear. So I'm going to have to deal with that until I get the steps down. Which shouldn't be very long. Probably by next week I will be able to use the louder music setting.

The Transformation Guide For Day 3

Rather than discuss the workout routine, I want to focus today on a couple of things from the Transformation Guide that I didn't mention to you before. First the Body Gospel Commitment Contract.

Body Gospel Commitment Contract

The title of the contract is "Let's take a S.T.E.P in a Body Gospel Commitment".
  1. S- stands for Sacrifice: understanding anything worth having is worth sacrificing for
  2. T- is for Tenacity: making the commitment to get after it!
  3. E- stands for Excitement: the commitment to be excited and declare victory
  4. P- is for Prayer: you're going to pray for discipline over the next 30 days
At the very bottom of the contract page there is a signature and date section.

Inspiration and Motivation for Day 3

The Body Gospel Transformation Guide focused on A New Creation. The basic message was that we are becoming a new creation over the next 30 days. We are shedding the old fat, the old mindset, the old bad habits, and becoming healthier and more fit. We are becoming new creatures.

The Body Gospel Vision Board

One of the suggestions in the Transformation Guide is that you create a Body Transformation Vision Board. The idea behind it is that you will cut and paste pictures that represent a healthy fit lifestyle as well as images that represent you as a healthier more fit person in the future. I already have vision board and one of the images that I have pasted on it is of a fit woman wearing workout clothes that I cut from In Shape Magazine a while back.

The Body Gospel Nutrition Guide For Day 3

I haven't mentioned much about the Nutrition Guide. Honestly, I'm not following it to the letter, but that's because my diet is pretty good already. Finally, after a great deal discipline, learning, and trial and error, I'm at a point where I know what to eat and of course my daily meal replacement helps. Here's what the guide suggested for day 3:
  1. Breakfast- Spinach, Mushroom, and Feta Scramble with Orange
  2. Snack -Fruit and Cottage Cheese
  3. Lunch -Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad
  4. Snack- Chocolate Almond Madness Smoothie
  5. Dinner- Beef Fajitas

Tips for Day 3 Body Revival

Do your best. There were times when I was quite winded especially when I reached the maximum region of my heartrate zone. Don't feel like a failure if you have to stop and rest. You will get stronger as you progress through the program. Be Blessed!

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