Body Gospel Beachbody Fitness Workout Review

My Day 2 Review of Home Workout DVD Body Gospel with Trainer, Donna Joyner (Core Revelation Workout)

Day 2 Body Gospel Workout: My Core Revelation Experience

Today was day 2 of my Body Gospel Workout. Today's workout was called "Core Revelation". It was less than 20 mintes long and worked my inner outer thighs, core, abs and obliques. The routines target the core of your body- the area around the trunk and pelvis. Donna Joyner opened and closed with words of inspiration. For Core Revelation I needed a yoga mat and my Body Gospel Workout Bands.

To be honest, the music in today's workout wasn't very memorable, but it was nice nonetheless. I still enjoyed it. I used the "normal" music setting this time, so that I could hear Donna give instructions during the video.

I didn't sweat much today, but I can tell you the floor exercises had my hip and thigh musles on fire! I had to stop a few times. But, as I continue through the program I should be able to complete the reps without stopping during sets.

The floor exercises reminded me of Winsor Pilates Upper Body Sculpting series. I was okay with that because those techniques have proven effective for me in the past.

I also noticed some moves from other Beachbody workouts like the "superman" and the "mason twist" but in Body Gospel they were renamed to fit the theme of the program. For example the "mason twist" like move was named the "temple twist".

Overall the workout was a good one. I got some ab work in with the twists and alternating leg presses. The plank exercises also resurface in this program, another very effective workout for strengthening the core. A strong core is important for controlling movement, stabalizing your center of gravity, and protecting the back, among other benefits.

The Transformation Guide For Day 2

Inspiration for Day 2 of the Body Gospel Transformation Guide focused on Hope. The basic message was we can accomplish difficult tasks when we continue to have hope. I read the scripture, prayer and jotted down what I had done today to reach the goals I'd set in the goal tracker section of the guide. I finished by checking off the items in the Motivator Checklist:
  1. I've done My Body Gospel Workout
  2. I've followed the Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Guide
  3. I've prayed to God to sustain me on my journey to a healthier body and soul

The Body Gospel Nutrition Guide For Day 2

I haven't mentioned much about the Nutrition Guide. Honestly, I'm not following it to the letter, but that's because my diet is pretty good already. Finally, after a great deal discipline, learning, and trial and error, I'm at a point where I know what to eat and of course my daily meal replacement helps. Here's what the guide suggested for day 2:
  1. Breakfast- Steel Cut Oatmeal with Turkey Sausage
  2. Snack -Figs and Cheese
  3. Lunch -Cheddar Burger with Mixed Greens
  4. Snack- Cottage Cheese
  5. Dinner- Lemon Chicken, backed sweet potato and mixed steam broccoli and cauliflower

Tips for Day 2 Core Revelation

Don't be too hard on yourself if the moves are a bit awkward with the Body Gospel bands. I think it's going to take some getting used to. I like the bands because they allow more range of motion than the traditional ones do. But I had some difficulty getting used to them. Be Blessed!

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