Best Butt Workout Routines

Best Butt Workout and Butt Lift Exercises

There is a lot of information out there are what butt exercises work best for maximum results. Some fitness experts say squats and lunges, while others recommend step ups and deadlifts.

The butt workout routines that have yielded the best results for me have been squats, deadlifts, and leg lifts.

The Best Butt Workout Routines Work Every Glute Muscle

Most people think the butt is made up of one big muscle, but it's not. Did you know that there are three main muscles in the Butt or Glute area? The largest but muscle is the Gluteus Maximus and it is largely responsible for the general shape of your butt and how it's supported. Also, the maximus is responsible for hip extension and outward rotation. Next, the Medius-"The function of the Meduis is to lift the thigh and femur up..."

The medius and minimus are the muscles on the sides of the hip that are responsible for the internal rotation of the thigh.

The smallest of the three muscles, the Gluteus Minimus,sits underneath the gluteus medius. This muscle is responsible for internal and external rotation in the hip.

So you see, your glutes are not just there to attract attention (smile). The glutes primary role is to make the upper leg go in alignment with the spine.

"The Gluteus Maximus is important in determining the lower body strength of the person as it is the muscle that is vital for keeping a human standing upright and steady."

The Best Butt Workout Routines That Gave Me Results

The best butt workouts for the Glute muscles are: squats, lunges, step ups, hip extensions, one legged deadlifts, and of course, running and walking exercises.

I've done several butt workout routines that have exercises to target the glute muscles" P90X, Windsor Pilate workouts, Slim in Six, Walk Away the Pounds, and Brazil Butt Lift.

My favorites, for glute muscles workouts would have to be Windsor Pilates and Brazil Butt Lift.

Butt Workout: Windsor Pilates Pilates

This really targets your lower body routine really targets the three muscle groups and will give you a great workout for your hips and thighs, but you won't get the cardio in, which is what I look for in workouts to improve myr cardiovascular strength. Don't get me wrong though, on my lazy days I pop the Windsor Pilates dvd in and get a good butt workout!

Best Butt Workout Discussion

Brazil Butt Workout Routines Brazil Butt Lift.

The butt workout routines in Brazil Butt Lift target the major glute muscles to help firm, tighten, and lift the butt. What I like about Brazil Butt Lift is that it incorporate just about all of the recommended butt workouts that I've seen on other websites: dead lifts, lunges, squats, jogging, and cardio. I love that I get my cardio in while working on my glutes.

As I've mentioned before Cardio is one of my weaknesses, but I work at it constantly to burn calories. And in the mean time I get to strengthen my glutes and improve my cardiovascular health. Some women shy away from glute exercises, "They don't want to 'lose' their butt." Remember, the primary goal is over all health. Weakness in the glutes will cause other muscles in the body to try and compensate.

For example, you could end up with back pain because your back is trying to do what your weak glute muscles... should be doing. Remember it's all connected!

Proper Diet For Weight Loss In Hip and Butt I think it goes without saying that you do have to eat clean to lose weight. But, just in case, I'm going to say it anyway. What I've come to realize with any exercise program is that my diet (what I eat) is key factor in my success. Even more so because my excessive weight stores in my hips, thighs, and stomach. As such, following a good diet is necessary.

Best Butt Workout Discussion

Compliment Butt Workouts With Better Food Choices

When preparing your next health-conscious menu, consider this fact: Nutritionists say that knowing where your ingredients come from can be almost as important as knowing what ingredients to use.

That's one reason food such as certified Wild American Shrimp has become popular. They are caught fresh in their own natural environment from the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico-and they are a health-conscious choice for consumers. A typical 4-ounce portion has just 112 calories when served steamed, boiled, grilled or baked and provides 23 grams of protein-47 percent of the daily value for protein.

Monica Pope, owner and chef of the Houston restaurant T'afia, has built an entire menu around fresh, regional fare. She recommends that consumers ask for certified Wild American Shrimp and purchase local ingredients at their grocery store, favorite restaurant or seafood counter.

Not all shrimp are created equal-wild-caught shrimp has a distinctive flavor. Most shrimp sold in American stores are pond-raised imported, so be sure to ask for Wild American Shrimp caught by fishermen.

"You're not only choosing the best-tasting seafood possible, you're also helping to support an entire industry and way of life," says Pope. Try these recipes:

Turmeric Shrimp With

Hip Hummous

Turmeric Shrimp

1 lb Wild American Shrimp, cleaned

21/2 cloves garlic

2/3 teaspoon salt

1 small bay leaf

1/3 tablespoon fresh-squeezed lime juice

21/2 cups water

2/3 teaspoon turmeric

3 tablespoons lime juice

pinch turmeric

1/3 tablespoon red chili powder

3 tablespoons cilantro, chopped

Place the peeled garlic cloves in a food processor with the salt and mince. Toss with the shrimp and set aside for 15 minutes. In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil with the bay leaf, 1/3 tablespoon lime juice and the 2/3 teaspoon turmeric. When the water is boiling, add the shrimp, stirring, and cook just until opaque, about 2-3 minutes at most. Do not overcook! Drain.

Immediately spread the shrimp onto a large baking sheet to cool, as they will continue to cook. Mix the additional lime juice, red chili powder and additional turmeric together and pour over the warm shrimp. Toss until well-combined. Add the chopped cilantro leaves to the cooled shrimp.

Best Butt Workout Discussion Recipes

Hip Hummous

1/2 bag chickpeas

11/2 bulbs roasted garlic

1/8 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice

cup tahini

1 preserved lemon

2 avocados, ripe, remove pits & scoop out flesh

1 tablespoon curry powder

salt & pepper to taste

Place chickpeas in salted boiling water and cook until soft, about one hour. Drain in a colander and then puree in a food processor with the rest of the ingredients. Taste for seasoning.

NOTE: To make your own quickly preserved lemons: Lightly score 4 lemons all the way around (do not cut through to the flesh) and then boil in 1 cup water, 1 cup fresh lemon juice, 2 bay leaves, 1/2 tablespoon whole black peppercorns and 1/4 cup kosher salt until lemons are soft, approx. 30 minutes.

To assemble:

Mound the Hip Hummous in the middle of the plate and surround with the Turmeric Shrimp.

Best Butt Workout Discussion Recipes

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