Belly Inflation Fetish Just Plain Weird (IMHO)

While searching belly fat diet and exercise tips, I came across something strange...expanding belly / stomach on purpose

What lead me to Belly Inflation...

Because my belly fat seems to be the hardest to lose, I've been doing quite a bit of searching for belly fat and diet exercise tips. I must say, I'm fast becoming a fan of Mike Geary, Author of "Truth About Six Pack Abs". I'm reading his materials and have signed up for his newsletter.

Whenever I read something in Mike's newsletter, I go to the search engines to look for more information. After reading a great article about losing belly fat fast, I decided to look up some of the techniques he mentioned. Which lead me to search different variations of terms including the words "belly fat, fat stomach, etc".

What the heck? Self Induced Belly Inflation

Today during my search for "belly fat" information, I came across the strangest thing: articles about "belly inflation". On Answers.com, I read that doctors use this technique to get better access to the body during operations. Oh okay, that makes perfect sense. Doctor's use the technique during surgery, sounds perfectly normal. But, that wasn't the part of the answer that got me.

It was the phrase that I read, "it's [belly inflation] where you pump air, water, whipped cream, etc. up your butt it flows throughout your organs and into your stomach and makes your stomach expand... Wait, did that just say "whipped cream?" and up your what!

Do you mean to tell me that there are actually people out there who are inflating their bellies on purpose as some form of gratification? I feel so sheltered right now. Furthermore, I read that: (1) self induced belly inflation can cause a great a deal of pain (2) may damage the lower esophageal sphincter, and (3) could result in death if done improperly!

So tell me, what kind of crazy person sees the dangers of belly expansion as gratifying? People -unless you are a doctor, you have no business inflating bellies!. C'mon People!

As if I hadn't already seen enough, I kept going with the search. I had to know. After all, I am the modern day Curious George. So I took my search a bit further. Yes, I went to YouTube and found a video. I couldn't watch all of it because seeing someone's belly expand is just too freaky for me.

Self Induced Belly Inflation (WTW)

People Never Cease To Amaze Me

It just blew me away. Here I am searching for ways to flatten my tummy, and there are people out there actually looking for ways to inflate theirs. People are hilarious!

The internet has made the world so small and it's amazing to see the types of things that other people are doing in their spare time (smile). But, I suppose some would say I'm just as weird for searching into the matter.

But, fret no more, I am back to belly fat diet and exercise tips research. I'll leave the self-induced belly inflation to the more interesting people in the world. I'll stick to being my boring self for now.

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