Beach Body Workout Program
$50 Value Selling At Half The Price

Removing The Barriers Okay, so when people talk to me about the Beachbody workout programs, there are two factors that come up more often than any other. (1)The programs cost too much and (2)The workouts in the programs are too long about (about 1 hour).

I am very aware that not everyone is at a point where they can afford to pay 100 plus dollars for a workout program. And by the same token, not everyone is willing to carve out an hour a day to workout as some of the routines may require.

I hope this helps... After a tiny bit of searching, I discovered a Beachbody workout program in the shopping area called "Great Body". A Beach body workout program worth $50 selling for $24.95. And get this, the program only requires 10 minutes a day for 30 days. Whats more is you get training from two of Beachbody's top trainers, Tony Horton of P90X and Debbie Siebers of Slim in Six.

Beachbody workout programs

Beach Body Workout Program

In this program you get DVD workouts with Trainers, Tony Horton of P90X and Debbie Siebers of Slim in Six. These guys are great and I have had success with both of their programs. So there is not doubt in my mind that the workouts are top notch and will be effective.

I have no idea how long this is going to be available at this price. So if price and time were the only two factors holding you back from a beachbody program, research this one. Now I haven't done it yet, so I can't give you any feedback. Hopefully, if you try it, you will come back and share your review with me.

Beachbody workout programs

Beachbody workout programs on

Great Body Workouts promises to offer "spectacular results in less than 10 minutes a day and in just 30 days".

More About The "Great Body" Beach Body Workout DVD Set How It Works So Fast: Celebrity trainers Debbie Siebers and Tony Horton use the science of Sectional Progression™ to get you the most jaw-dropping results in the shortest amount of time. With Sectional Progression, each movement targets a specific zone for maximum definition without any wasted effort.

Beachbody workout programs

Pricing: $50 Value for...

Retail Price: $24.95

Club Price: $22.45

Coach Price: $18.71

What Comes In The Set?

5 Amazing Workouts For 50% Off!

  • Great Abs Guaranteed!®
    Get the ripped abs you've always wanted with this amazing 7-minute workout.

  • Great Arms Guaranteed!
    Add firmness, definition, and lean muscle mass to your biceps and triceps with this proven arm routine.

  • Great Buns Guaranteed!
    An excellent way to tighten and tone the buns—this routine really hits the glutes to get dramatic results.

  • Thin Thighs Guaranteed!™
    A fast and effective way to sculpt lean, sexy legs in just 8 minutes.

  • Great Stretch Guaranteed!
    Improve flexibility and reduce injuries and common aches associated with aging and overexertion.

Beachbody workout programs

Great Results In 30 Days Or Your Money Back!
If you're not 100% satisfied with the great body beachbody workout program, simply return it within 30 days for a FULL refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling, no questions asked!

Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

So, if you want to give Tony Horton or Debbie Seibers a test drive, this is the way to do it and you still get a 30 day money back guarantee.
Happy Fitness Journey Guys!

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Beachbody workout programs

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