P90X Ab Workout Routine

My P90X Ab Workout Routine, Review of Ab Ripper X Beachbody Workout With Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tony Horton

P90X Ab Workout Routine: Ab Ripper X

This is a really quick ab/core workout routine and only takes up about 15 minutes of your time. During the P90X programs you will normally do this every other day after one of your upper or lower body workouts. On the days that you do cardio or core workouts, you won't have to do the P90X Ab workout routine.

The Ab Ripper X program is included at the end of each of those workouts, so don't worry, you won't forget to do it.

There is also a separate Ab Ripper X dvd in your case.

At first I didn't think there was a need for a separate Ab Ripper workout Dvd. It seemed like a waste. But now that I've completed two rounds of P90x, I still use the Ab Ripper X after my other workouts.

It's really convenient to go into the case and pull out the single Ab Ripper DVD as opposed to putting in another workout and fastforwarding to the Ab Ripper X program.

So I suppose someone knew what they were doing by creating a separate dvd. Like this evening I did Power and Praise workout from Body Gospel Routine and I did ab ripper x when I completed Power and Praise to give me a little more ab action (wink).

Ab Ripper X never dissappoints this is a difficult ab workout. Don't beat yourself up if you can't do all 25 repetitions. Do the best you can. That's what I do. As Tony mentions in the video, it's not just abs, it also core.

You are working your entire core and doing over 300 moves during this brief 15 minute routine. Speaking of moves. Some of the moves in the program include:
  1. Crunchie Frog
  2. Bicycles
  3. Heels To The Heavens
  4. Sit ups
  5. Mason Twists
  6. Climbing Your Legs
You do each move 25 times! The first few times I did Ab Ripper X my abs were sore and so were my hip flexors. I must warn you though, while these exercises will burn fat, you still need to eat clean to get maximum results.

You can see from my P90X resutls pictures that I still had some fat around the middle. Albeit not very much, still my abs were not rock solid. Most of that is because I didn't follow the nutrition guide to the "T". I did eat a lot better, but I would by lying if I said I ate clean all the time.

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