The 3Day Workout Routine

The 3Day Workout Routine Led By Donna Richardson- Joyner's

What Is this 3Day Workout Routine That Promises To Tone, Firm, and Burn Fat In 20 Minutes?

The 3 Day Rotation workout system is an in-home workout routine available on DVD. The trainer is Donna Richardson Joyner, appointed to the Presidential Council of Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

Donna is energetic, spunky and with a bit of swagger.

So this is not a workout to try on your lazy days. You'll run out of energy trying to keep up with Donna's spunk.

The workout comes with 1 dvd containing 3 workouts: Kick & Jab, Dance Aerobics, and Circuit Toning. Each of the workouts is about 20 minutes long.

You are given the option of choosing which workout you do on a given day. 3-10 pound dumbbells are recommended for the toning workout. I used 5 pound weights and felt a pretty decent burn.

About The 3Day Workout Routines

The Circuit Toning workout begins with a brief warm-up incorporating simple moves like side steps.

You'll soon find out that Donna is big on squats and lunges, but she does a good job of taking your mind off them by incorporated shoulder presses and exercises that require balance. Trying to balance usually takes my mind off a lot of things (smile). At the end of the workout there is a brief stretch.

Kick and Jab, starts with arm circles for warm up, much like the warm up in P90X Kenpo X. Slowly, Donna incorporates the moves for the workout: jabs, hooks, and upper cuts.

Just when you get those moves down, you're introduced to knee lifts and kicks. At first it seems that the pace is going to be a little slow for much of a calorie burn, but then the program starts to move a bit faster as the moves are combined and some forward and backward steps are added.

I did work up a sweat during the 20 minutes but unfortuantely I wasn't wearing my heartrate monitor, so I didn't track the calorie burn. I will update that as soon as I do.

Now for Dance Aerobics. I tend to be choreographically challenged (is that a word? lol), so it took me minute but I don't give up easily plus some of the moves like side to side, toe touches, marching and mambo are all steps I've done in Walk Away The Pounds and Brazil Butt Lift so I wasn't totally caught off guard.

Remember the swagger I mentioned earlier? Well during Dance Aerobics, Donna's swagger is in full effect. Donna obviously loves dancing and she definitely knows how. This workout is fun and gets your heartrate up for sure. As with the other workouts there is a cool down and stretch.

What Is the 3 Day Rotation Supposed To Do?

The program claims to give you an entire body workout over a 3 day period in just 20 minutes a day. Last night I did the Kick and Jab and after a little break, decided to do the Circuit Toning as well. I worked up a good sweat druing the Kick and Jab. The moves are a little tricky if you aren't very coordinated, but after two or three workouts with Donna, you'll get that down. So don't be discouraged. The Circuit Toning has exercises to tone your uper and lower body. There are some super lower body moves and you will really feel your legs and glutes working. The workouts remind me a lot of the floor moves in the Brazil Butt Lift routine.

Benefits of 3Day Workout Routine

Time is the greatest benefit of this program. So many people tell me that they don't have time to workout because of their schedules. This is one of those programs that I would recommend to anyone who wants to workout but is pressed for time. 20 minutes can easily be carved out a day, as opposed to an hour long workout program. If you can keep up with Donna's moves, this video is great for you and will fit into your busy schedule.

I was lucky enough to pick this program up at the Half Price Book Store for $5 bucks!!! On Amazon, at the time of this post, 3 Day Rotation is selling for $52.00 new and $18.00 used. I'd say I got one heck of a deal! The increase in price is probably due to the fact that Donna's popularity, being appointed to the Presidential Council of Fitness-again, and her new Body Gospel workout that's really picking up momentum.


Again, with the knee issues. If you have bad knees, the lunges and squats may bother your knees a bit. I modify some of the moves and I don't go as deep in my lunges and squats.

Depends on the day and how my knees are feeling at the time. There's simply no way around it though, for me, I want the toning in my hips and thighs, and some of the most effective moves include squats and lunges. So I work around it. Read my article on Best Butt Workout Routines.

Does Donna's 3Day Workout Routine Deliver?

In my personal opinion, yes. You work up a sweat during each of the 20 minute workout routines and you exercise several major muscle groups during the routines. It's obvious the routines are designed to be fun and they are.

My Conclusions

The 3 Day Rotation System works. It accomplishes its task of giving an entire body workout in a minimal amount of time. Another workout that I'm glad to have in my fitness library especially since it was a real steal!

3 Day Rotation Video

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